Exploring Possible Changes to USMLE Score Reporting

Preliminary Recommendations Now Available

Listen Listen to a discussion of USMLE’s reflections and preliminary recommendations
Read Read preliminary recommendations, the guiding principles for change, and possible action steps
Reflect Reflect on the challenges of this complex system and USMLE’s part in it
Respond The comment period has ended. Thank you to those who submitted information / viewpoints.
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The public comment period for United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) score reporting preliminary recommendations ran from June 13 to July 26 and is now closed to responses. We greatly appreciate all of the comments we received during this period. They have added valuable input that will help inform our efforts as we continue this important conversation.

Any decisions approved by the boards of the USMLE parent organizations (FSMB and NBME) will be announced Winter 2019-20. Implementation of any approved score reporting changes will take place on a schedule providing all stakeholders with ample lead time to plan for USMLE scoring changes.