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Application and Registration Inquiries

Contact the appropriate organization (see below) for information on how to apply for the USMLE, obtain application materials, and receive information on the status of your application and scheduling permit.

Registration Entities
Examination Type of Applicant Organization Contact Information
STEPS 1, 2 CK, AND 2 CS Students and graduates of medical schools in the US or Canada NBME
3750 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3102
Telephone: (215) 590-9700
STEPS 1, 2 CK, AND 2 CS Students and graduates of medical schools outside the US and Canada ECFMG
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685
Telephone: (215) 386-5900
STEP 3 All medical school graduates who have passed Step 1 and Step 2 (CK and CS) FSMB
Assessment Services
400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300
Euless, TX 76039-3856
Telephone: (817) 868-4041

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Scheduling and Test Center Inquiries

For Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3, your scheduling permit includes instructions on how to contact Prometric to schedule your appointment to test. Inquiries about your appointment, such as a request to reschedule an appointment within your eligibility period, must be directed to Prometric. Visit the Prometric website for information on test center locations.

To schedule an appointment for Step 2 CS, follow the instructions provided on your scheduling permit. To check test center availability and to schedule or reschedule an appointment, visit the USMLE website

If you receive a scheduling permit but experience a problem scheduling your appointment that Prometric or Clinical Skills Evaluation Collaboration (CSEC) scheduling staff is unable to resolve, you may contact the organization that registered you for your examination..

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Test Administration Inquiries

For questions and concerns about your administration, contact the NBME Test Administration office.

Attention: Test Administration
National Board of Medical Examiners
3750 Market Street,
Philadelphia , PA 19104-3102
Telephone: (215) 590-9700

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Security Concerns

USMLE encourages you to provide information about cheating, violations of the USMLE rules and other activities of which you are aware that may compromise the security and integrity of the USMLE. Please visit the USMLE website to report such information.

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General Inquiries

Complete information about the USMLE is available on the USMLE website. General inquiries regarding the USMLE or inquiries for the USMLE Secretariat may be directed to:

Attention: USMLE Secretariat
National Board of Medical Examiners
3750 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 - 3102
Telephone: (215) 590 - 9700

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