Submissions sent via mail will be delayed due to Covid-19 social distancing

Overview and Instructions

To Request Test Accommodations:

  1. Read the Guidelines carefully. Share them with the professional who will be helping you prepare your documentation.
  2. Read the instructions for completing the Request for Test Accommodations form.
  3. Complete and sign the appropriate request form
  4. If appropriate, have your medical school complete the Certification of Prior Test Accommodations form.
  5. Attach documentation of the disability and your need for accommodation.
    • Compare your documentation with the information listed in these guidelines to ensure a complete submission.
    • Incomplete documentation will delay processing of your request.
  6. Send your request for test accommodations and supporting documentation to the address noted on the form. If you choose to e-mail your request:
    • E-mail attachments must be PDFs for documents. Photographs of Personal Items may be in a file format for digital photos such as JPGs/JPEGs.
    • Maximum allowed file size is 15 MB (per total message including pdf attachments, body text, and any overhead such as header size).
    • Please be aware of outgoing e-mail restrictions on your server.
  7. NBME Disability Services will acknowledge receipt of your request by e-mail within a few business days of receiving your request for test accommodations. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within that timeframe, please contact Disability Services at 215-590-9700.

Test Accommodations

Test accommodations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with keyboard tasks
  • Audio rendition
  • Extended testing time
  • Additional break time